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Dictators Suck! Design is a democracy, not a dictatorship. At HDD Studios, we "stop, collaborate, and listen" to our clients to create functional spaces that perfectly reflect their individual style. We pinky swear there are no over-trendified egos here. We create great residential interior design plans as well as content for television, YouTube, blogs and magazines to help you live better in your home.

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rent our brain

$150 per hour

  • • paint color consultation
  • • furniture arrangement
  • • artwork/photo/decor placement
  • • drapery/custom home fashions

refresh plans

starting at $1000 flat rate

  • • consultation and site measure
  • • selection of finishes, fixtures and furnishings as needed
  • • presentation of overall design with samples
  • • implementation of design plan including ordering and installation

remodel/build plans

starting at $4000 flat rate

  • • CAD drawings/renderings
  • • selections of all finishes, fixtures and furnishings for entire project
  • • presentation of design packet with two rounds of revisions
  • • creation of specification packet for contractor with all design documents
  • • project coordination with all identified parties during construction

In-home consultations are available for client projects ranging from hourly DIY advice to fun space refreshes to full-scale specification for major remodels or new builds. The amazing HDD Studios staff and intern crew are dedicated to projects every well-designed step of the way.


Steps to Prepare for the Initial Consultation

Make a Wish List

If your budget were bottomless, what would you do? If you could only pick 3 things to change, what would they be? Think about what needs you would like to address and jot down some ideas. Don't worry about censoring yourself at first--just list everything that's in your brain and made you contact HDD in the first place. We'll work to narrow and prioritize your list of functional and aesthetic goals in our meeting.

Remember--our first consultation is a working session, so the more proactive and thorough you are in your homework, the more time we have to fill your brain with great ideas.

Give Some Thought to Function

Pay close attention to how you and your family use the space in question. Make a list of the busiest times in the space along with biggest complaints about how it works (or doesn't). For example: "The kitchen works okay for a quick breakfast, but there's not enough room for the kids to sit and do homework and hang out with me after school while I'm making dinner." Strong examples of the functionality will help us determine what advice to give you so that you and your family can live better in your home.

Show and Tell

As much as we would like to look inside your brain and see exactly what you're trying to describe, our powers of x-ray vision are limited. Instead, we ask you to start collecting information either tangibly in the form of magazine pages or prints from the web, or virtually through Pinterest. Knowing what you do and don't like about specific room decor will help us narrow down your personal style and better tailor the designs we pitch. Here's your specific assignment:

1. Look for examples of rooms or elements in magazine pages that you believe are either a THING or NOT A THING. Make a pile of the THING pages, including initial reactions of which element caused the happiness. Was it the lighting? The color? The furniture arrangement? On the flip side, make a pile of NOT A THING pages with the same level of detail. It's perfectly okay to have one page with both a THING and NOT A THING elements on it, so don't worry if you can't find a perfect room example. Use post-it notes to list the comments on those pages.

2. When you've assembled your pile of pages, put them in a file or binder for us to review during the consultation. If you're going the virtual route, then create two Pinterest boards (hide them if you wish to keep your NOT A THING thoughts private) with the titles of THING and NOT A THING. Sample boards with comments are available on our designdemocracy Pinterest site.

If you have questions as you're completing your homework, feel free to contact us. You're also welcome to creep on us and check out our work at the places listed below. Have fun, and thanks for the opportunity to help you live better in your home!


What is holding you back from taking action with décor or improvement projects in your home?

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It’s Not Your Room, It’s You helps homeowners address inaction regardless of Putter-Offer issues in order to create beautiful, functional spaces in your home.

Professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson has encountered many clients who twiddle their thumbs in their dated, dismally functioning homes during her long career. In the second book of her interior design series, Leslie investigates the why of homeowner inaction to identify the common symptoms of Putter-Offers and how they can effectively move forward with home projects. It’s Not Your Room, It’s You offers practical design terminology and language for Putter-Offers to use when they experience life transitions ranging from the anticipated, unexpected, happy or tragic variety. The “Choose Your Own Adventure” style format allows the reader to reference specific life events as they happen to ultimately live better in their homes. Join designer Leslie as she encourages readers in snarky Lucy Van Pelt style to take action with home improvement

Remodeling Your House Without Killing Your Spouse!

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Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse is a frank, funny, and hands-on guide for avoiding conflict and surviving a remodel with your relationship intact.

In her first book of a new interior design series, Leslie shares humorous stories from the battlefield to teach practical lessons of effective communication, realistic budgeting, design terminology, and decor personalization. The homework and worksheets she includes are based on her “design is a democracy, not a dictatorship” philosophy and help to ensure remodels are proactively planned, meaningful, and most importantly, non-homicidal.

Handouts from the book!

Handout: Pros & Cons


Taste of Her Own Medicine: Lessons From a Designer's Home Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse

Stop Pinning and Start Doing

Thing/Not a Thing: The Best and Worst of Today's Design Trends

Fifty Shades of Beige

Reduced, Reused & Recycled Design

DIY "Pin"terior Design

Bright Ideas in Lighting

Remodel Survival Guide

Color Coward

Ten Rules for Kids' Rooms that Rule!

Call 517-889-5071 or email jj@designisademocracy.com to book Leslie for your event!


HDD Studios is powered by interns. More than fifteen generations of students have thrived from the awesomeness of hands-on training and mentoring. Here is what to expect from the HDD Studios experience:

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Real Work

Resume-building experience through client interaction, vendor contacts, and contractor meetings


Democratic design means that we respect your time and talents. Your ideas are welcome!

Growth Opportunities

We consistently hire our brightest and most productive interns upon graduation


HDD Studios celebrates your contributions through constant lunches, parties, and banquets